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Life is full of uncertainties and doubts; gain clarity and speak to Madame Maria in Winnipeg. Looking deep into your past, present and future, Madame Maria will give insight on the challenges you’ve faced, those that will come, and how to overcome them.

Have you been experiencing recurring or disturbing dreams? Madame Maria reveals the mystery behind them by explaining their meaning and impact on your subconscious. Speaking to angels, Madame Maria is capable of spiritual healing, psychic readings, wax healing, and spiritual channeling.

Don’t let spirits take over your life. Call Madame Maria to remove curses and create talismans and good luck charms that keep your spirit safe.

All of Madame Maria’s readings and consultations are by appointment and available in person or over the phone.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Products and/or Services

  • Tarot cards

  • psychic reading

  • Crystal ball

  • Channeling

  • Numerology

  • Palmestry

  • Life cycles

  • Wax healing

  • Spiritual help and guidance

  • Spiritual psychic reader

  • Seer

  • Shaman

  • Healer

Suggestive ideas and advice concerning:

  • Marriage

  • Love

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Business

  • Work

  • Happiness

Ask me about:

  • ghosts

  • magic

  • god

  • hauntings

  • jesus

  • death

  • reincarnation

  • talismans

  • good luck charms

  • spirits

  • astral travel

  • psychometry



Madame Maria Psychic Shaman

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